Thursday, January 26, 2017

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Monday, August 9, 2010

The best beauty bargains in town

For you momies who are looking to revamp yourselves, you can't get any better place than iCompare Beauty. Whether it's post-natal massage, spa, or hair care clinics, you can find them all there. Price starts at $0. No kidding.

My mother-in-law tried one jamu massage, and she lost almost 1 kg in a session :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Anchovies microwave omelette

I always thought that microwave was overrated. I mean, really, $100++ for warming food and making popcorn is tad too expensive for me -- especially because in Indonesia that's more than a month's salary of your maid.

But if you have no maid, like me, it does come a bit handy at times. Besides for cooking rice and keropok, you can actually make other dishes with it too.

I learned this recipe from a Korean neighbor. It's easy and yummy.

Ingredients: 4 eggs, chopped spring onion, 1 cup water, salt and pepper to taste, dried anchovies.

Directions: Combine all ingredients together in a microwavable container. Stir well. Cook on microwave on full power for 6-10 minutes until golden brown.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quick tip: the perfect fried egg

If your perfect fried egg is well done (no runny yolk, no burned bottom), this tip might just be for you:
Crack your egg into the pan as soon you have greased it. Don't wait.
When the grease is heated, cook it on medium/low heat. Your fried egg will be ready in a minute.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recommended gynecologist

I've had people asking about a good ob-gyn in Singapore. I couldn't recommend anyone -- until I met Dr Jeanette Chen.
She's one of the warmest, bubbliest, nicest doctors I've seen in my life. Unlike my previous ob-gyn, she's willing to take some time out of her busy schedule to sit down and answer my questions.
So far I've seen her three times, and the whole clinic staff seemed to have recognized me. Wow, I'm impressed! Oh, and they all speak good English too.
It's just that her rates are a bit on the high side.
You can PM me or visit her site for more info.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Easy treatment for cradle cap

My baby had cradle cap. If yours has scaly scalp, it's cradle cap, all right.
When you googled cradle cap treatment, you'll find many hits. Some even said you can't do anything with it.

I went and asked our pediatrician about it.
She suggested me to rub baby oil liberally on the baby's scalp each night before sleeping. Leave it overnight.
The next day you can brush the scales away using the baby's hair comb. If you have no time, simply proceed to wash his hair. Repeat for a few days (2-3 days), and the cradle cap will disappear.
The doctor gave me Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo to wash the hair, but I found out that any baby shampoo would work magic.
Hope it helps.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tiny seaweed roll

If you're looking for sushi recipe, you've come to a wrong place. This one is Indonesian. Although the idea came from Korean seaweed roll, it's just Indonesian lemper -- with a twist. Oh, and for my baby, I used half-sized nori sheets instead of Korean laver. You can use the full-sized one for bigger roll.


Rice: 500 gram glutinous rice, 500 ml coconut milk, 2 small bay leaves, 1 stalk lemon grass, 1/2 tsp salt.

Chicken: 1 shredded boiled chicken breast meat, 4 small bay leaves, 6 lime leaves, 200 ml coconut milk from 1/2 coconut, 1 tsp tamarind water, 2 tsp cooking oil, 5 shallots , 3 cloves garlic, 3 candle nuts (I omitted this), 1 tbs ground coriander (pan-broiled), 1 tsp sugar.
The original recipe doesn't mention salt, but I added some.

Veggies: carrot, cucumber, salt and sugar to taste, water, vinegar.

Veggies: We can actually prepare this a day earlier. Cut carrot and cucumber into long thin strips, then mix with all ingredients. Chill in the fridge.

Rice: Soak rice for 2 hrs, rinse, steam for 15 minutes, put aside.
Boil coconut oil with bay leaves, lemongrass and salt. Add rice, keeps stirring stir until coconut milk dries up.

Stuffing: Grind shallot, garlic, candle nuts, coriander, sugar, salt, altogether into a fine paste. Heat oil, brown the paste.
Stir in coconut milk, chicken, bay leaves, lime leaves, tamarind water, and cook through until coconut milk dries up.
Remove from stove.

Seaweed roll:
Place one sheet of nori on a cutting board. Spread rice on half of the sheet and add 1 carrot strip, 1 cucumber strip, 1 egg strip on top of rice. Roll in a log, make sure to squeeze it tight. Use some water to stick the seaweed together.

Put a little sesame oil on knife to cut the roll. Slice into bite-size pieces.

Whew, talking about a lengthy recipe! But again, it's actually very simple. If you have no time to cook the chicken, you could substitute it with any meat floss. You can also mix other vegetables as you like.

My baby loves it. I hope yours will, too.